Home Away from Home

We’ll be sharing sporadic posts about our travels: what to pack, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do. Posts on Dallas, Cleveland, Savannah, and even St. Thomas are on the docket for the summer!


inked by Holly

Hilton Head Island, SC has become the second home for our family. When we vacationed there for the first time 12 years ago, we didn’t expect to go back every summer. But we fell in love with the island!  When we cross the bridge from Bluffton to Hilton Head, we all sigh and relax.

It’s a place where we can all unwind. Most days, our schedule goes a little something like this:
*Wake up early’ish.  We don’t like to waste vacation days sleeping!
*Take a walk/run.  Such a beautiful, peaceful place where even exercise is pleasant.
*Jump on the bikes and ride for a few minutes or maybe longer.  Bike paths go for miles on the island.
*Come back and suit up for the beach. This also includes packing lunch, loads of sunscreen application, gathering all our beach paraphernalia (and there’s a lot of it!)
*Once we are overly sandy & hot, we like to come back and play in the pool for a while.
*Clean up for dinner and evening adventures.

IMG_3115(1)^^ we’ve become obsessed with taking selfies when the whole fam is together. always fun to see how they turn out!^^

In regards to lodging, Sea Pines is a popular plantation, but we’ve stayed in Palmetto Dunes every year and love it. We’re always a bike ride or walk away from the beach and close to tennis courts.

Over the years we’ve gathered a list of our favorite restaurants. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check a few out!
General Store in Palmetto Dunes for breakfast
One Hot Mama’s BBQ (must try the honey jalapeno cornbread)
Fiesta Fresh Mexican Grill
Lowcountry Backyard
Frankie Bones
Main Street Cafe
Skull Creek Boathouse
Harolds Diner
Up the Creek (new find this year right on the marina. Awesome appetizers and burgers!)
Sunrise Cafe
Sea Shack
Kenny B’s
Frozen Moo
The Cottage in Bluffton

IMG_3242(1)^^ jalapeno cheese-stuffed pretzel and hot buffalo chicken dip apps from Up the Creek. so good! ^^

IMG_3169^^ Lindsay insists on going to Frozen Moos for ice cream every night ^^

We just love HHI and every time we leave we experience the post-vacation blues. Until next year, Hilton Head!

So You Say You’re Starting a Blog?


inked by Lindsay

We’re a little late to the starting-a-blog party, but now we’re here!

A while back, I had the idea of starting a blog with my mom and three sisters (you can get to know us here). It’s a running joke in our family that despite being related by blood, we couldn’t be more distinctly different from each other. The differences range from our personalities to fashion preference to choosing mustard over ketchup. So why not establish a place where we can compile the things we like, projects we’re working on, places we travel, and life experiences, and then share them with the two other people in the world who might be interested?

Well, I’ll tell you why not. At the time I was balancing a full time job and grad school and didn’t have an ounce of creativity left to give. But then I finished school, and after tossing the idea around for months, we decided to dive in.

We’re well-aware that we’re not experts in anything (except maybe ice cream experts. We’re great at eating ice cream.), so all we’ll be sharing here is just what we like. Whatever tickles our fancy and such.

So here we are! Neal Ink.

Let’s get this party started!