Just Another Make-Up Monday

For the next few weeks, we’ll each be featuring some of our favorite make-up products. Here’s the first installment, featuring Holly’s favorites!

Mom MakeUpBlue Lizard Face sunscreen // Makeup Forever Sens’Eyes waterproof eye make-up remover // Tweezerman tweezers

inked by Holly

As the mom, I’m the queen of sunscreen. My girls know that when they’re with me, sunscreen WILL be worn!  I’ve been known to be the mom with sunscreen in her bag to pass around on field trips, water parks, etc. Can’t help it, it’s what I do. We have some family history (ok, quite a bit of family history) of melanoma.  A few years ago, our derm recommended Blue Lizard.  It is a zinc oxide formula (think that white stuff people put on their nose in old movies) which actually blocks the harmful rays of the sun.  And I, for one, love the sun. So if we’re going to be in the outside, we’ll at least be protected!  We use the faces formula and have found that the regular and sport formulas rub in a little better than the baby and sensitive options.  Use your sunscreen, people!  And don’t forget your hands. You don’t want old looking hands, right kids?

As I’m approaching my 50’s (I’m not there yet but it’s coming fast and I’m preparing by saying I’m almost 50 to start the adjustment process), my Tweezerman tweezers have become my friend.  Who knew so many stray hairs came with aging?  My friend Tam introduced me to Tweezerman a few years ago and they’re the best. They even provide a sharpening service when your tweezers become dull with use.

One of my new finds is Makeup Forever eye makeup remover.  I accidentally discovered it in the checkout line at Sephora, and I liked it so much I bought a bottle for each of the girls, too!  You see, one of the things we all can agree on is our love for They’re Real mascara by Benefit, but it’s a pain to remove.  Makeup Forever remover takes it right off!  I bought a small size for my travel bag and a large bottle for home.

7 thoughts on “Just Another Make-Up Monday

  1. I absolutely love Makeup Forever eye makeup remover and my Tweezerman tweezers! Will try out the Blue Lizard suncreen this month on our vacation to Savannah and HHI. Thanks for the recommendation Holly!

    • oh I wish I had known about Makeup Forever eye makeup remover a long time ago! Saves me much scrubbing! And Blue Lizard is a little tricky to find. You can order from their website, from http://www.drugstore.com or your pharmacy can order it for you! Have a great time on your trip! I know you’ll love the “Low Country”!!

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