Just Another Make-Up Monday: GIVEAWAY

Lindsay Makeup Nars blush // e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner // Buxom lipstick in Swinger

inked by Lindsay

I’m a recovering make-up hoarder. I used to (weekly) scour drugstore cosmetic aisles looking for something new to try.

But in the last few years, my make-up routine has become more streamlined and I find myself gravitating toward quality products instead of quantity. I love Smashbox concealer and foundation, but I’ve always had a hard time finding the right shade of blush. My pale skin needs a little color, but most blushes I found were too pink or too orange. Then I discovered Nars blush in a classic color that works on everyone. Worth the splurge!

For eyeliner, I lived and breathed by Stila’s waterproof pen, but the steep price made me cringe. I stumbled upon e.l.f. liquid eyeliner at Target for—drumroll—one dollar! And it works just as well as the expensive stuff.

And seriously, what took me so long to jump on the lipstick bandwagon?? I have a few classic reds and pale pinks from M.A.C., but my current must-have is a bright magenta by Buxom called Swinger (I might have a thing for scandalous product names?). I’ve been a faithful fan of Buxom lipgloss, and I’m so happy they launched a lipstick line! It’s the perfect pop of color and packs a lot of moisture.

I’m always trying to find a balance between high quality products like Smashbox and Nars and mixing in a few less expensive finds. Chris’ wallet appreciates it, too.

And guess what? One of our lucky readers will win all three of my favorite products! To enter the giveaway, follow the instructions below by Tuesday, June 18.
1) Like the neal ink Facebook page
2) Share this post on Facebook
3) Comment below and let us know you’ve followed steps 1 and 2

We’ll randomly select the winner this Wednesday. Good luck! ;)

36 thoughts on “Just Another Make-Up Monday: GIVEAWAY

  1. Love reading your new blog and especially the make-up recommendations! P.S. I’ve completed steps 1 and 2 for the giveaway :)

  2. I did it I did it!!!! I love alot of the E.L.F. stuff from Target! Someone else told me their primer is really good and much cheaper than the big name brands. I plan on trying it when mine runs out….I have a serious lipstick addiction. It’s all those COLORS!!!! My favorite right now is Neon Red….I think you need to do a make-up party on Mondays where people can share a favorite make-up find or deal :)

  3. Done! Done! And done! Will you ship to Oklahoma if I’m the lucky winner… or better yet, just send Alissa to hand-deliver it? :) Loving the blog! You ladies are so precious!

  4. I liked it and shared it! I’m so excited to read all of your fun make up tricks. Your mom brought her favorite eye pencils to a favorite things party and I was one of the lucky recipients and they are the best! You Neal girls know make up for sure!

  5. I followed steps one and two! Hope I win!! Nars orgasm is my FAVORITE blush and it lasts forever…and I many have to try that elf liquid liner

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