Weekend Trip to 2nd Street Market

Congratulations to Alison Bigler, the winner of our make-up giveaway! We used a very scientific selection method… Chris chose a random number. ;) We’re planning a few more giveaways this summer, so keep checking back for more opportunities to win!


inked by Lindsay

Chris and I set aside last weekend to recover from youth church camp and celebrate fathers day with family. After getting 3 hours of sleep each night and being crazy with our teens everyday, having a low key weekend was exactly what we needed.

The weekend kicked off on Thursday night when Julia’s boyfriend Michael flew in from Maine to surprise her. She was shocked (!!!), and we were all excited to spend a few days with Michael Michael Motorcycle.

When Danny, Emily’s boyfriend, drove down from Cleveland the next day, we knew the weekend was about to get a little more exciting. After spending Friday pooling and grilling, the whole fam planned a last minute trip to 2nd Street Market on Saturday morning.

If you live in the area and haven’t been to the Market, you must go! Dayton isn’t exactly known for its recreational activities, so you gotta take advantage of the few available. :) When you visit, bring a tote bag or two and stock up on all that they offer– you can buy fresh produce, meat, dairy, baked goods, GIANT pretzels (more on that in a bit), flowers, and all kinds of crafts. Mom even found alpaca wool yarn–she’ll be knitting sweaters for the Yellow Springs trees before we know it. ;) There are several food vendors that offer anything from specialty crepes to Mediterranean cuisine, so you better come hungry!

IMG_0356 IMG_0335
IMG_0331 IMG_0337    ^^A caffeine fix is always in order when the whole fam is together^^IMG_0343
IMG_0332 IMG_0371     ^^You guys, there were pretzels hanging from the ceiling! This place was made for us^^IMG_0373
IMG_0351 IMG_0385
IMG_0365 IMG_0368^^The men. What a bunch of blue-wearing dreamboats^^ IMG_0384IMG_0387

We kind of love hanging out together. I could go on a tangent about how thankful I am for sisters and parents that double as best friends, but that’s another post for another day. :)

On a side note, happy belated father’s day to the most sacrificial, loving, generous man. Thank you for all you’ve done for us, Dad!

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