How to Paint Furniture

inked by Holly

Our great room is undergoing a very slow transformation. I’m trying to be patient and wait for just the right pieces, which is not my norm. I like to complete a project ASAP!

This corner has been long awaiting something. Anything, really.IMG_2547With a small budget guiding my purchases, I was able to find these chairs on sale at Target for $100 each. They add a fun pop of color, don’t they?chairThe side table, however, I just couldn’t fall in love with. I had hopes of finding a round piece for the space to add a little extra dimension. So on a Saturday morning, Julia and I went on an adventure to the Springboro Flea Market, which is sadly going out of business (side note to you locals: hurry and go! It’s closing on July 6). Due to the closing, many of the booths have marked their treasures down by 50%. I spotted this round table and it was only $12.50 after markdown. Julia questioned my choice, but I knew $12.50 was worth the risk!IMG_3827Having used and loved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for over a year now, I knew the table had great possibilities with a little paint and an hour or two of effort. One of my favorite ASCP colors is Old Ochre and I just bought a quart from Winsome Cottage in Waynesville last week. The great thing about using chalk paint like ASCP is that no sanding is required! This saves quite a bit of time and energy.

Here is my process for painting furniture without sanding:
First, wipe off the table. When using chalk paint, virtually no prep is needed. I literally knocked off the dust and cob webs with an old rag and started painting. No sanding or priming needed!IMG_3838The paint goes on nice and smooth. Because chalk paint dries quickly, keep the first coat even but not too thick. Usually, by the time I finish the piece, the areas I started are already dry and I can add a second coat.IMG_9510 IMG_3843Once the paint dries, it’s time to add wax. Waxing took some practice for me when I first started painting furniture– I had a tendency to apply too much. Now I apply with a brush and go back and gently wipe off the excess with a cloth. Once the wax is applied, let the piece dry over night and buff with a soft cloth the next morning. Voila!IMG_9509Many times, I choose to distress or use dark wax on the furniture I paint, but I liked this piece without the distressed look. I love how it turned out– and all for $12.50, some paint and a little time!noname IMG_9498 Chairs – Target // Pillows – Marshalls and Front Gate Outlet // Lamp – Hobby Lobby

13 thoughts on “How to Paint Furniture

  1. Holly!! Your corner is beautiful and I love your choice for the table, and yes, what a steal @ $12.50! We are on our way to WC this weekend to pick up more AS Chalk Paint! I am almost out of my first quart and have painted a lot of “stuff” with it – it lasts forever! And thanks for the heads up on the Springboro Flea Market. Need to make a run there too:)

  2. Holly, I love this! I was just talking to a flight attendant friend of mine on my last flight about painting furniture and how it has always intimidated me, so this helps me a lot . Thanks sweetie! XO

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