Long Distance Dating in Cleveland


inked by Emily

Last summer, Chris and Lindsay introduced me to my boyfriend, Danny. After meeting Danny at Parkside Church, they decided to introduce him to me believing us to be a perfect match- and it turns out they were right!

There was only one problem: Danny is from Cleveland and I live in Dayton (about a 3 and a half hour drive).  Well, fast-forward almost a year and we are still making long distance work for us! Although we do occasionally meet halfway for dinner in Columbus, we prefer to spend the entire weekend together near one of our hometowns. We’ve discovered restaurants, shops, and experiences to keep us entertained without spending a fortune!

Here are a few of our favorites in the Cleveland area, should you ever find yourself in the Cleve:

Cleveland Museum of Art: We packed a picnic and enjoyed the free art museum IMG_2635IMG_2640
Chagrin Falls: Charming downtown with delicious food and adorable boutiques46931_486635651393279_1056677359_n
Melt: Gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches (my favorite is the gyro melt)IMG_1635 IMG_1636
Coventry: Downtown strip with restaurants and our favorite {hipster} coffee shop, Phoenix Coffee71449_486635454726632_605477738_n
Yours Truly: Perfect spot for brunch with fantastic food16246_486635574726620_344262104_n IMG_1412
We’ve had a blast exploring Cleveland! Any suggestions on places to check out during my next visit?

2 thoughts on “Long Distance Dating in Cleveland

  1. Emily you and Danny are adorabs! And this post makes me want to go to Cleveland ;) long distance dating is hard , Been there done that ;) Bryan said we kept the airlines in business with me flying from Dallas to Dayton every other weekend back in the day ;)

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