Holiday in the Sun

inked by Lindsay

We had an amazing time in St. Thomas, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to spend 5 full days with Chris. I can’t remember the last time that’s happened. Since Chris is a pastor, Sundays are work days (but who am I kidding– for him, every day is a work day) and weekend trips are out of the question. Because of that, we strategically plan and save up for each vacation. And this was the best one yet.
IMG_1381 IMG_1383
Since I’m sure most of you don’t really want a play by play of our trip, I’ll share the highlights of each day. We visited three very different beaches, and I can’t get over the individual beauty of each one. You’ll see what I mean in the photos. I felt like I was in Never Never Land from Peter Pan– I’ve never been to a more beautiful place.
IMG_0993 IMG_0997 IMG_0998

Day One
The hotel breakfast buffet was included in our Orbitz package, and hotel breakfast buffets are usually nothing special, right? Wrong! This one was incredible. There was a huge spread of pastries, fruit, breakfast meat, an omelet station… you name it, they had it, and it was delicious. We grabbed breakfast after hitting the gym, and let me tell you, nothing beats sipping your coffee while watching ships sail by. After breakfast, we spent the morning at Magens Bay, the most picturesque beach on the island. The water is very calm, making it perfect for swimming. We spent almost 5 hours at the beach, and on our way back to the hotel pool, we stopped at Udder Delight (a Trip Advisor find) for THE best milkshakes. Chris had a black and white shake (fancy for chocolate) and I had coconut. Bliss.

IMG_1393 IMG_1384^^Took a bit to adjust to driving on the left side of the road^^IMG_0951

IMG_1396 IMG_0931
IMG_0946IMG_1399 IMG_1395

IMG_0961 IMG_0958 IMG_0965

Day Two
Our skin got a little crispy after sitting in the sun for 9 hours the first day, so we went to the beach connected to our hotel, called Morningstar. This beach was much smaller than Magens Bay, but the waves were pretty big. We got there early to claim beach chairs and an umbrella for shade and finished the day poolside. That evening, we went into Charlotte Amalie to hunt down a restaurant I read about on Trip Advisor called Greengo’s Caribbean Cantina. Holy. Cow. That food was amazing. I had nachos that were out of this world, and in addition to it being our favorite meal of the trip, it was also the least expensive! IMG_1411

IMG_1420 IMG_1415IMG_0990^^There were iguanas everywhere^^IMG_1423IMG_1427 IMG_1429 IMG_0970 IMG_0971IMG_0988 IMG_0977^^This is what happens when your husband gets tired of posing for photos^^IMG_1008 IMG_1007

Day Three
We lost count of how many people told us we had to visit St. John while we were in St. Thomas, so we did just that on our last full day. Getting there was quite the production– we drove 20 minutes to the marina, took a 20 minute ferry to St. John, and then had a 20 minute cab ride through the mountains to Trunk Bay, the most photographed beach of the USVI. Let’s talk about the cabs for a second. On the island, cabs consist of pick-up trucks with bench seating in the truck bed. No seat belts, of course. So, the 20 minute cab ride consisted of me holding on to Chris for dear life as the driver made hair pin turns around the mountain with no guard rails. Real fun.
But I digress. Trunk Bay was absolutely breathtaking and completely worth the trip! I have never seen a more picture-perfect setting. The water was crystal clear and so warm! The seagulls, however, not so friendly. Chris bought us lunch at the snack shop on the beach and he warned me of the relentless birds. I paid no mind, of course, and the second I held my sandwich to my mouth, a seagull literally took it out of my hands! Scared the daylights out of me. At one point, we had a dozen seagulls chasing us down the beach as we tried to protect the rest of our lunch. We were just providing entertainment for the rest of the tourists.

IMG_1441 IMG_1438 IMG_1436 IMG_1039 IMG_1033 IMG_1028IMG_1473^^This is where we ended up every night to watch the sunset. The balcony overlooks downtown Charlotte Amalie^^

Day Four
Since our flight didn’t leave till later in the afternoon, we went back to Morningstar Beach and took one last dip in the pool before heading to the airport. We woke up to a rain storm and stepped out on the balcony to find the most beautiful rainbow over the ocean. Perfect ending to the trip!
IMG_1477IMG_1475 We’re so sad it’s over! Back to reality, I suppose. And on to planning the next trip!

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