Visiting My Maine Man

inked by Julia

My boyfriend Michael and I are doing the whole long-distance dating thing for the summer. With Michael having a full time job and my summer class meeting every other day, any kind of trip involved taking days off for one of us. I decided to make a trip to Maine, and we counted the months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes until July 1st at 10:30 pm.

I experienced some major fight delays, but finally made it to Boston where Michael met me. We hopped in the car and headed north!IMG_4191

Our first day was very rainy, but we took that time to relax and settle in. We met up with friends and enjoyed some local restaurants.

For day two, we went back to Boston and it was quite toasty! We started down the Freedom Trail and ended up at Quincy Market. I found some delicious Greek food, and we plopped down upstairs by a fan. It was so hot that we decided we had to get to air conditioning. The most logical idea was to go to the Aquarium, where we saw so many cute penguins, and I tried to touch the rays to no avail.IMG_4215 IMG_4200 IMG_4203

It was so fun to be able to celebrate the 4th of July with Michael and his family. We started off our day by searching for bagels and ate our breakfast at Fort Williams. I loved looking at the Portland Headlight and seeing the old fort. We then headed to the lake for a few hours, and I tubed for the first time!  We hurried home and got ready for a cookout with more friends.  IMG_4224 IMG_4251

Apparently Mainers love some L.L.Bean, so that was a must-stop attraction on my trip. We also had an amazing meal at the Lobster Shack! Even though seafood is not my favorite, you’ve got to have fresh Maine seafood when you go. And the view was unbeatable, and not easy to grasp in a photograph, unfortunately. IMG_4243

My last day and travel day were even crazier than my first travel day. We went to church and had lunch at home and left directly for the Boston airport. We thought giving ourselves 3 hours to get to Boston was adequate(seeing that it usually takes around an hour and a half), but with so much traffic, I was very close to missing my flight. Once I got to my connection in Cleveland, my flight was delayed an hour or so. This meant I could not leave Cleveland until midnight and would get into Dayton at 1am.

Despite my travel frustrations, the trip was better than I ever could have dreamed! I had so much fun seeing my boy, getting to know his family, and meeting all of his awesome friends.IMG_4248 IMG_4244

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