4th in the Cleve


inked by Emily

I was fortunate to spend the entire weekend with Danny and his friends and family over the 4th of July– representin’ the Midwest in the Cleve! Between Danny’s recent missions trip to Mexico and my long hours working as a nurse extern, we were certainly ready for a laid back weekend with some of the people we love.

I made the drive Thursday morning up to Cleveland, where we had the afternoon to relax with Danny’s family, the lovely Schilleros, and cookout with our friends. We made an impromptu decision to catch a matinee of Despicable Me 2–best decision we’ve made in a while–and ended the night with a visit to the 4th of July Festival in Aurora for a funnel cake and a spectacular fireworks display that we watched from Starbucks with lattes in hand! A very successful July 4th in my book.IMG_2790 IMG_2753

We woke up Friday morning with a craving for Yours Truly breakfast in Chagrin Falls, where I happened to have THE BEST omelet ever. After breakfast, the boutiques in Chagrin were just too inviting, so Danny reluctantly agreed to a brief shopping escapade. We finished off the night attending a family friend’s wedding reception, and they had the cutest DJ (Danny was the DJ, of course. Or rather, DJ Danny Fresh).IMG_2784

Saturday morning we obviously had to start the day with Starbucks, and we were pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a mini car show in the parking lot. Danny and I have mutual appreciation for beautiful cars, so we sipped our Pike Place blend with a side of Ferrari. It was then off to the Schillero’s for their 4th of July cookout.IMG_2792IMG_2791

It’s always a joy being with their family, and you can guarantee it will always include Kan Jam. The Schilleros are some fierce competitors when it comes to Kan Jam- it could have been a deal breaker had I not known how to throw a frisbee!

That night we went to see Monsters University– Danny and I clearly have very mature tastes in movies. Honestly, I had low expectations going into this movie– rarely is a sequel worth all of the hype.  That being said, it exceeded my expectations! It had such a fun story line and the characters were hilarious. I may even go as far to say it was better than Despicable Me 2.IMG_2745

It was sad to say goodbye on Sunday. I’m finding that the goodbyes gets harder and harder every time! I am so grateful to have spent a relaxing, fun-filled weekend with some precious people. Looking forward to my next trip back up to the Cleve!

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