Golden Days


“I wish there were a way to know that you’re in the golden days when you’re still actually in them.”

– Andy Bernard from The Office series finale

inked by Lindsay

Did that line make anyone else tear up while watching the series finale? It’s been stuck in my mind for the last few months. It’s so easy to get discouraged with where we are in life and wish away days, weeks, months, even years– but what if we’re missing the golden days by doing so? I want to learn to savor the busy weeks, monotonous tasks, and disappointments just as much as the vacations, relaxing Saturdays, and time with friends and family. I’m tired of constantly looking forward and never stopping to be grateful for the here and now. I want to live in the golden days while I’m still actually in them.

4 thoughts on “Golden Days

  1. You know I have just been able to enjoy where I am since I turned 40. In my 30’s I strived to be as I looked or was in my 20’s. Since I can “look” back, ugh, I can honestly say I have enjoyed a lot of things in life. Not to say I haven’t had hardships but I always try to look back at the good.
    As for my kids, enjoying where they are every stage, there have been times I’ve thought “please get older”. However, I really do enjoy every stage of their lives and wish them frozen right where they are! Life is GOOD!
    Thank you for sharing!

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