Peace Out, Summer

photo(4)^^Jeni’s Brambleberry Crisp all DAY^^ photo(1) photo(2)^^Last minute Red’s game with friends^^ photo(3)^^We took Charlie to a local dog park and it was SO FUN. He was exhausted on our way home^^

inked by Lindsay

August is almost over, and I’m feeling some guilt for not being sad about it.

Every year it’s the same story. Come January, I’m dying for sunlight, spring/summer activities, and longer days, so I know I’ll regret this post on December 26. But I’m just kind of done with summer. It was fun while it lasted, but it was crazy hectic, and I think (hope? pray?) our schedule will slow down a little with the new school year.

The fall will bring Chris’ very last semester of grad school, and he’s convinced that I’ll willingly watch OSU football games now that we’ve watched a few seasons of Friday Night Lights. Unfortunately for Chris, Tim Riggins wasn’t on the OSU roster the last time I checked (side note: I’d like to aspire to be Tami Taylor in my next life. She’s almost as awesome as Olivia Pope, but less adulterous).

I do, however, plan to celebrate my first school-less autumn in 20 years by making several trips to our local fruit farm with Charlie for all things apple-related, lighting every cinnamon spice candle I can get my hands on, cursing the huge trees in our yard when it’s time to spend a full weekend raking, and living in sweatshirts and boots.

Raise your pumpkin spice lattes to a new season!

photo(5)…and may your long weekend be as relaxing and carefree as this^^

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