An Engagement Story

em and daninked by Lindsay

If you follow any of us on social media, you saw that we have some very exciting news…

Emily and Danny are engaged!!!

Unbeknownst to Emmy, the family has been in on the proposal plan for weeks. In fact, Danny even invited Chris and me to help pick out the ring at our favorite jewelry store in Columbus over a month ago.

Danny was able to pull off a complete surprise despite Emily being suspicious of a proposal. :)  He drove to Cedarville from Cleveland on Friday morning and surprised Emily while she was having coffee with an accomplice friend. He then popped the question before a picnic in the park. Julia happened to be hiding in the bushes to catch a few photos. :) photo(9)Emmy and Danny spent the rest of the weekend in engaged bliss! We celebrated with her friends from school on Friday evening and then had a little engagement party with Danny’s mom, sisters, and friends on Saturday night. My mom even ordered a mini wedding cake thanks to a hacked photo from Emily’s Pinterest board. :)friends friends 2    cake   cake cutting  boys     the ring   venueschillero

We are so thrilled for these two. Their love for each other is evident in all of their interactions. They are two of the sweetest, most fun-loving people I’ve ever met, and when they walk into a room they bring joy and laughter with them.

Just so you all know, I’ll be wearing a matchmaker tiara at the wedding. It will be bedazzled and might even light up.

Speaking of which, wedding planning is in full swing! The couple has a tentative wedding date set for July 2014. Say a prayer for Dad and his checkbook.

Congratulations, Emmy and Danny!

Must Watch TV According to Julia

inked by Julia

Just like reading a good book, I get totally enthralled in television series storylines. A few years ago, Mom and I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, and we finished all six seasons in about a month and a half. This was the beautiful beginning of our obsession with tv series.

Now that the temperature is finally dropping this weekend and fall is just around the corner, it’s about that time to spend cozy evenings inside, and what better way to relax than binge-watching a tv series on Netflix? ;)

Here are some of my favorites:

One-Tree-Hill-Cast-one-tree-hill-791354_1280_10245. One Tree Hill
I began watching this series in the fall of my senior year in high school with my three best friends. The ninth season aired that January which was perfect! I finished this extremely dramatic, yet highly addictive television series in about three months. I recommend it if you find yourself with a whole lot of free time.


4. Arrested Development or Parks and Rec
Both of these shows have short episodes that you can fly through. Although Arrested Development stopped airing about seven years ago, a new season was recently launched on Netflix. A lot of people either love or hate Arrested Development, so if you start it and hate it, switch to Parks and Rec instead! Parks and Rec is by far my favorite comedy that is still on tv. These shows are great to watch when you don’t have much time (like when you get ready for work or have a few minutes in the evening).

images3. Gilmore Girls
I think almost every girl can agree that this show is a classic, and it’s definitely a Neal staple. We have all seven seasons of this witty series on DVD, and we’re all guilty of seeing every episode at least two or three times. Gilmore Girls is perfect to watch while multitasking (especially doing homework). It may not be the best show to watch all the way through, because it doesn’t have the most riveting story line, but if you’re in need of a little laughter try it out!


2. Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal
For a little more intense story line, I would recommend either Grey’s or Scandal. For all those people who love seeing blood and surgery and getting emotionally attached to your favorite character just to have your heart ripped out when they die, definitely watch Grey’s. If you’re a hypochondriac or you’re afraid of flying (*cough cough* Lindsay…) you may not like this thriller. If Grey’s isn’t your cup of tea, or even if it is, you MUST watch Scandal. Our whole family just caught up on this newer show, and we’re obsessed! Move over, Beyonce, Olivia Pope runs the world…

friday-night-lights1. Friday Night Lights
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. My mom and I started watching this southern football series last summer and fell in love. Now the whole family is watching it, and they all love it. It’s the perfect amount of drama, and it hooks you at the end of each episode. It also has my favorite ending to any tv series… they actually explain how each character ends up. Crazy, right?! Even though it’s not funny, or scary, or gory, it’s perfect… go ahead, watch it for yourself!

What are some series you’ve been hooked on? We’re always looking for something new!

Hip Hop, Bowties, and TGIF

inked by Lindsay

I wanted to title this post “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend,” but I didn’t think my mom would appreciate the R. Kelly reference. She doesn’t seem to have an affinity for hip hop like the rest of us.

Anyway, our sweet friend Tuttibella was kind enough to ask me to write a guest post on marriage advice for her adorable blog. Because, you know, now that I’ve been married for 3 years I’m a total expert, just ask Chris. ;) Along with our boy toys, Emily and I attended Tuttibella’s wedding in July and it was absolutely gorgeous. She was a beautiful bride and added so many fun touches to personalize her special day. For instance, she handmade bowties for all of her male guests to wear at the ceremony. photo(6)How cute is that?! She also served breakfast for dinner. I always knew I liked that girl.

You can read my guest post here.

Happy weekend! And for all you other hip hop lovers, baby I’m ’bouta have me some fun.

Labor Day Weekend

IMG_1068 IMG_1089 IMG_1109 IMG_1103 IMG_1097 IMG_1083 IMG_1132 IMG_1070 IMG_1080 IMG_1157 IMG_1152 IMG_1148 IMG_1145 IMG_1142 IMG_1172 photo-7 photo-8 IMG_1164

The stars aligned and for the first time in Neal history, we were able to sneak away on a last minute trip to Hilton Head with all of our significant others. We spent the long weekend laughing, eating, relaxing, singing Pink songs at the top of our lungs, and lots and lots of kan-jamming. There is absolutely nothing better than spending a weekend at the beach with all of your favorite people and all of their favorite people. Three cheers for having more boys around to carry shopping bags! Hope your weekend was equally fabulous.