Must Watch TV According to Julia

inked by Julia

Just like reading a good book, I get totally enthralled in television series storylines. A few years ago, Mom and I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, and we finished all six seasons in about a month and a half. This was the beautiful beginning of our obsession with tv series.

Now that the temperature is finally dropping this weekend and fall is just around the corner, it’s about that time to spend cozy evenings inside, and what better way to relax than binge-watching a tv series on Netflix? ;)

Here are some of my favorites:

One-Tree-Hill-Cast-one-tree-hill-791354_1280_10245. One Tree Hill
I began watching this series in the fall of my senior year in high school with my three best friends. The ninth season aired that January which was perfect! I finished this extremely dramatic, yet highly addictive television series in about three months. I recommend it if you find yourself with a whole lot of free time.


4. Arrested Development or Parks and Rec
Both of these shows have short episodes that you can fly through. Although Arrested Development stopped airing about seven years ago, a new season was recently launched on Netflix. A lot of people either love or hate Arrested Development, so if you start it and hate it, switch to Parks and Rec instead! Parks and Rec is by far my favorite comedy that is still on tv. These shows are great to watch when you don’t have much time (like when you get ready for work or have a few minutes in the evening).

images3. Gilmore Girls
I think almost every girl can agree that this show is a classic, and it’s definitely a Neal staple. We have all seven seasons of this witty series on DVD, and we’re all guilty of seeing every episode at least two or three times. Gilmore Girls is perfect to watch while multitasking (especially doing homework). It may not be the best show to watch all the way through, because it doesn’t have the most riveting story line, but if you’re in need of a little laughter try it out!


2. Grey’s Anatomy or Scandal
For a little more intense story line, I would recommend either Grey’s or Scandal. For all those people who love seeing blood and surgery and getting emotionally attached to your favorite character just to have your heart ripped out when they die, definitely watch Grey’s. If you’re a hypochondriac or you’re afraid of flying (*cough cough* Lindsay…) you may not like this thriller. If Grey’s isn’t your cup of tea, or even if it is, you MUST watch Scandal. Our whole family just caught up on this newer show, and we’re obsessed! Move over, Beyonce, Olivia Pope runs the world…

friday-night-lights1. Friday Night Lights
Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose. My mom and I started watching this southern football series last summer and fell in love. Now the whole family is watching it, and they all love it. It’s the perfect amount of drama, and it hooks you at the end of each episode. It also has my favorite ending to any tv series… they actually explain how each character ends up. Crazy, right?! Even though it’s not funny, or scary, or gory, it’s perfect… go ahead, watch it for yourself!

What are some series you’ve been hooked on? We’re always looking for something new!

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