An Engagement Story

em and daninked by Lindsay

If you follow any of us on social media, you saw that we have some very exciting news…

Emily and Danny are engaged!!!

Unbeknownst to Emmy, the family has been in on the proposal plan for weeks. In fact, Danny even invited Chris and me to help pick out the ring at our favorite jewelry store in Columbus over a month ago.

Danny was able to pull off a complete surprise despite Emily being suspicious of a proposal. :)  He drove to Cedarville from Cleveland on Friday morning and surprised Emily while she was having coffee with an accomplice friend. He then popped the question before a picnic in the park. Julia happened to be hiding in the bushes to catch a few photos. :) photo(9)Emmy and Danny spent the rest of the weekend in engaged bliss! We celebrated with her friends from school on Friday evening and then had a little engagement party with Danny’s mom, sisters, and friends on Saturday night. My mom even ordered a mini wedding cake thanks to a hacked photo from Emily’s Pinterest board. :)friends friends 2    cake   cake cutting  boys     the ring   venueschillero

We are so thrilled for these two. Their love for each other is evident in all of their interactions. They are two of the sweetest, most fun-loving people I’ve ever met, and when they walk into a room they bring joy and laughter with them.

Just so you all know, I’ll be wearing a matchmaker tiara at the wedding. It will be bedazzled and might even light up.

Speaking of which, wedding planning is in full swing! The couple has a tentative wedding date set for July 2014. Say a prayer for Dad and his checkbook.

Congratulations, Emmy and Danny!

2 thoughts on “An Engagement Story

  1. How sweet and exciting…the pictures show the love and happiness! Cant wait to meet everyone…congratulations and much love from Danny’s North Carolina family!!

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