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Book Clubinked by Holly

Two years ago, a friend told me she was thinking about starting a book club and asked if I’d be interested. My friend and I had recently discovered our similar taste in books, and you don’t find too many other women who love WWII fiction, so I knew this might be the right book club for me. She mentioned other ladies who were interested and I knew right away that we’d click as a group.

It was also good timing.  Julia was finishing her senior year in high school and empty nest was imminent.  No more volleyball games and sporting events, no more school projects or slumber parties, and a lot more quiet. It was the perfect time to develop new friendships.

Book club goes something like this:  We meet once a month at a member’s house. Once everyone arrives (we all arrive right on time or slightly late– I like that about us!), we chat, catch up on life, and eventually get around to talking about the book of the month.

Most the time, we have a lot to say about the books.  Some of us loved the book, some of us were just eh about the book, and every now and then, someone dislikes the book.  And there is the occasional time someone didn’t finish the book….or even start it. And that’s ok!  After our book discussion, we have some sort of delicious snack (and Diet Coke is always on tap), decide who will host the next meeting, and most difficult of all, decide what our next book will be.

Our first book club meeting was held two years ago, and since then we’ve grown to a group of eight.  I love these girls!  We laugh together, eat good snacks, celebrate birthdays. We have cried and prayed together. My book club ladies are now the friends I count on–I can call if I need something or even text if I need prayer.IMG_5902

Are you in a book club? If you’re not in a book club, have you read anything good lately?

Here are some of the books we’ve read; my favorites are marked with an asterisk.
*Girls in the Green Sweater
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
A Winter Dream
The Kitchen House
The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels
The Poisonwood Bible
Sparkly Green Earrings
*The Aviators Wife
*Killing Lincoln
And the Mountains Echoed
The Light Between Two Oceans
Kisses From Katie
The Language of Flowers
The Shape of Mercy
Hot Flashes and Cold Cream
Thunder and Rain
Eat Cake
The Great Gatsby

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