Happy Birthday to the Baby

Jules 1 Jules 2 jules 3 Jules 4 Jules 5 Jules 6Happiest of birthdays to the baby/boss of the family!

Julia’s had quite a burden to bear, having a birthday so close to Thanksgiving and all. I distinctly remember a few years that we celebrated her birthday and Thanksgiving in Florida with our extended family. And I also distinctly remember Julia as a 4 or 5 year old crying because she didn’t want to go to Disney World for her birthday, she just wanted to stay home. Oh, Jules. :)

Julia is one determined, hardworking little lady. She’s carried herself with the grace and poise of Audrey Hepburn, even since she was a little girl, despite growing up going to work with Mom and Dad and playing in the warehouse. We lovingly refer to her as the AIM warehouse rat.

She loves to travel and has more stamps in her passport than the rest of the family combined. But, her greatest accolade might be her mad skillz as a group selfie pro.

Happy birthday, Jules! We love and treasure you!

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