My Daughter is a Mother

Ellieinked by Holly

My daughter became a mother four weeks ago.  I still wake up some mornings and slowly remember that I’m a grandmother!  Well, actually, I’m a Gigi.  Most people have nine months to prepare, have baby showers, and set up a nursery.  But not everyone–some do it a little differently. I like to think some do it even more wonderfully!

You see, for our family, it was more like a two month long pregnancy test.  We were hopeful but we weren’t positive it would be happening until they put that teeny tiny beautiful bundle of blessing into their car and brought her home.  And at that point, there was squealing and crying… not from the teeny tiny bundle but from the Gigi, Pops and all the excited aunties!  When we got the call that Chris and Lindsay were on their way home from the hospital, the first order of business included a trip to Target.  Formula, diapers and wipes needed to be purchased ASAP!  Oh and a bassinette! Gigi might have thrown in a few more baby items for good measure.  Auntie Alissa rushed to Carters for some teeny tiny sleepers for our teeny tiny blessing (have I mentioned she was teeny tiny?!).

We went to their house and anxiously awaited their arrival so we could meet our teeny tiny blessing for the first time!  Oh, she was amazing!.Perfection, really.  As they took her out of that seemingly giant car seat, there were more tears and hugs!

Next, I watched my daughter become a mother.  And just as my mother and mother-in-law taught me, I had the wonderful privilege of teaching my daughter.  I found myself saying things like “Always put her in tshirt.”  Why? Because my mother insisted a tshirt be on my babies.  It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer, make sure you put her in a tshirt.  And I said things like “My mother helped give all my babies their first bath, would you like me to help bathe her?”  And then I showed my son how to burp her.  And again, it was how my mother taught me to burp my babies.   I’ve also recalled all the ways Steve’s mother helped and the things I learned from her.  I vividly recall her standing in our apartment, showing my how to pat and sway and soothe our very fussy firstborn.  She had a magic touch with the fussy ones. Steve’s mother always told me that she didn’t allow her children to scream because screaming is for emergencies.  And so I taught my children that we do not scream unless blood is flowing or stranger danger or some other sort of impending doom.

There was plenty of advice given by the mothers.  Sometimes I chose to smile, say thank you and then ignore.  I’m sure the cycle will continue as I give advice and she smiles, thanks me and then chooses to do it a better way.  And that’s ok because my daughter has become a very good mother.1497700_10153740456020425_2099941909_n 1557510_10153740456180425_1720454061_n 1531913_10153740456430425_1402601763_nPhotos courtesy of Sara Corona

16 thoughts on “My Daughter is a Mother

  1. I am SO happy for your family. I know first hand what a blessing a adoption can be. It does not matter how a baby comes into your family, they are wonderful blessings.

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