Happy 26th Birthday, Lindsay Elisabeth!

IMG_4942 IMG_4829 IMG_3033 DSC_0159 IMG_9912iinked by Emily

Today you get your annual opportunity to become what you strive for on a daily basis: a princess!  It’s so crazy to think this time last year we were walking the track during your lunch break discussing my hypothetical wedding and fantasizing about your possibility of starting a family, and now here you are helping to plan my wedding while raising your beautiful three and a half-month-old daughter!  The sisters and I are so grateful for your wonderful example of a loving, godly wife, and now a strong, intelligent, sassy, and successful momma!

You constantly challenge me to stand up for my beliefs yet not take life too seriously.  You are a picture of elegance, but you still love to get down to some Luda every now and then (sorry, Chris).  I love reeking havoc with you as a fellow “middle kiddle” and learning under your wing to always accept a daddy prize!  The Neal/Beals and future “Scheels” would not be the same without you!  Now put on your best party dress and tiara and let’s go indulge on some chips and salsa at Nada!

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