Celebrating Easter

easter fam photo ellie-subglasses-combined ellie easter 2 ellie-easterellie-easter-3Ellie-GIF

inked by Lindsay

Having a little one made this Easter especially memorable. Ellie is just now realizing how fun toys can be, and I had a blast filling her Easter basket with little toys, pacifiers, and bunny ears. The whole family celebrated Christ’s resurrection together at church, and then we had a fabulous Whole 30-approved lunch (yep, we’re doing it again. You can read about our first experience here) at my parent’s house. Ellie hit the Easter basket jackpot at Gigi’s, where she modeled some new shades for our upcoming trip to the beach. ;)

Easter makes me more grateful than Thanksgiving. It’s a fresh reminder of Christ’s sacrifice, and adopting our daughter gave me a whole new perspective on our adoption into Christ’s family. Adoption isn’t an easy process– it takes a toll emotionally, physically, financially. It wasn’t an easy process for our Father, either. But the beauty born from adoption makes the process worth it, and I’m eternally grateful for the sacrifice that allowed me to be adopted into God’s family.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


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