Back to Maine

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inked by Julia

This summer has been a summer of weddings for just about everyone I know. I attended four in the month of July and two of those were in Maine. Luckily, they were back-to-back weekends, which allowed me to spend some time in Portland with Michael’s lovely family. I tried my first Maine lobster, we climbed the observatory at sunset, visited the Portland Headlight, checked out L.L. Bean, and had so much fun in between. My parents attended one of the weddings, and when they came in for the weekend, Michael’s parents, brother, and I packed our day full of touristy fun. We had a blast showing them around town, and our favorite adventure was our lobster cruise. We learned how to bait, pull, and toss traps, while learning about other sea creatures. We even saw baby seals swimming in the bay. If you’re looking for a new area of the U.S. to explore, you should really consider checking out Maine. So much beauty, and so many fun things to do. Until next time, Maine!

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