Positive Side of Cancer

11885328_1031408973556609_3430847938691278550_n inked by Julia

The past few weeks have been full of highs and lows, so I decided it’d be fun to make a list of the positives of cancer, if such a thing exists.

  1. No more exercise guilt. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I was adamant about not working out. I hate every ounce of any kind of exercise. Though I told everyone I never worked out, I still had that little bit of guilt gut every time my friends would go to the gym and I’d be in bed  watching Netflix. With cancer, you’re not really able to work out, because if you fall, you get bruised up badly and could have some serious issues. I’m also extremely weak at this point in treatment. I tried to do a jumping jack today and… yeah. That was probably funny to watch.
  2. All you can eat buffet.  This doesn’t apply to all cancer patients, but right now I’m literally hungry ALL the time. I am constantly eating and gaining weight, and you know what? Everyone applauds me for it. My doctors think it’s great!
  3. People listen.  I’m the baby of the family. Though most babies, including myself, are known for being spoiled, we can sometimes feel like we’re getting ignored. We’re always too young to understand, too small to participate, you get the idea. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with leukemia, I have everyone’s ear for the first time in my life. My doctors hear one complaint from me and immediately think of a solution. I’m not afraid to be honest with people anymore, and it’s liberating.
  4. Gaining Perspective.  Don’t get me wrong; we were devastated by my diagnosis, but my prognosis is good. I just have to get through these next two years and I’m home-free. Others aren’t so lucky. Being at the hospital and talking with families, we have gained so much perspective on life and how God has shown His grace to our family. So many families are going through much harder things and don’t have the resources or support they need. Many of my friends and family think what I’m going through is hard, but I wish you all could see what we’ve seen and hear the stories we have heard. We feel more and more blessed every day.
  5. Time with family. Some of my immediate family relocated over the last few years, and my in-laws are from Maine. After being diagnosed, I saw each and every one of my family members within the first week. I love being able to see them and talk with them everyday. It gives us something to talk about and go through together. We’re stronger than ever.

I know I’ve forgotten a few other positives that I’ve found in the cancer life, but it’s so good to just find the happy’s within all the crappy’s. I hope you can do the same.