An Introduction
We decided to start a little collective blog to share the things we love with friends and family. We may be related, but we each have a distinct sense of style and we want this to be a place for each of us to express our creativity, musings, and passions. If nothing else, this blog will serve as a living chronicle– a place where we can ink.

Who We Are

Mom bioHolly
The Mama
Signature Style: Casual Chic

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Holly is the matriarch extraordinaire. Having raised four girls, she’s spent nearly 30 years of her life dedicated to being a mom. The older her girls get, the more she’s transitioned from mom to best friend. Holly and her husband Steve (a.k.a. Big Daddy) just celebrated their 30th anniversary and recently transitioned to an empty nest. Holly and Steve spend their time serving in church, playing with their favorite daughters and son-in-law, renovating their Ohio home, and managing their rental properties in Tennesee and South Carolina.

alissa bioAlissa
The Boss
Signature Style: Modern Classic

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Alissa takes her firstborn duty pretty seriously and acts as the second mom to her sisters (because we all need multiple moms, right?). She’s the financial manager for the family business and works to travel. Alissa has friends all over the country and travels to Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and many other states for long weekends. When she’s home in Ohio, Alissa and the rest of the sisters hit up our favorite nail spot for pedis and manis.

lindsay bio Lindsay
Middle-Kiddle Numero Uno
Signature Style: Vintage Minimalism

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As the second-born Neal sister and primary blog narrator, Lindsay is known as the instigator. You can take that as you wish. She’s married to Chris, and although she’s no longer a Neal by name, she’ll always be a Neal at heart.  Chris and Lindsay moved to Southwest Ohio after spending their first year as newlyweds in Cleveland. Public relations professional by day, Lindsay loves spending her free time sharing meals with friends and family, working on projects in her midcentury modern house, and watching back-to-back episodes of Scandal and Mad Men.

emily bio Emily
Middle-Kiddle Numero Dos
Signature Style: Classic with a touch of Whimsy

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Emily is the most fun, lovable, bubbly person you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. As sister #3, Emily gets along with literally everyone. She’s pursuing her nursing degree… in between trips to see her hunk of a boyfriend in Cleveland (and if you’re wondering, Lindsay and Chris set them up. Match made in heaven). Emily loves ice cream and all things sparkly. But, do not mess with this one. As one of the two sisters with any athletic ability, this girl’s a fierce competitor.

Julia Bio Julia
The Baby
Signature Style: Metropolitan Prep

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Julia is the baaaby of the family, but instead of fitting the stereotypical baby mold, Jules is the boss. She’s fun loving, but do not cross this one on a bad day. She knows what she wants and makes it perfectly clear.  Julia just finished her freshman year of college, which is a good thing since she’s studying pharmacy and will be in school for, oh, ever. Julia has the sophistication and class of Audrey Hepburn and a love for European travel.


Blogs that Inspire Us
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**Thanks to Jillian for helping with the design!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. You have my heart my lovely friends, watching you girls grow up was always a joy and well my friend Holly, you my dear have always been a sweet friend from the moment we met and starting singing together. I’ve painted with Linda which was a thrill for me! I have special memories with this special family from wedding to births and through the most difficult times as well. I adore you all and will be watching this blog closely! xo

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