Need a Stylist? Try Golden Tote!

inked by Julia

Out of all of the Neal women, I despise shopping the most.  I love fashion, clothes, shoes, etc., but the actual act of shopping bores me to no end. But, online shopping is a much different story. I could sit on my computer looking at pretty things for hours. In fact, I purchased all of my homecoming and prom dresses online, and I also bought my bridesmaid dress for Emily’s upcoming wedding online.  Shopping with the click of a button is more my style– it’s in my genes. My mother is the QUEEN of online shopping. If there’s not a UPS delivery at our house everyday, I’m shocked. So when she told me about Golden Tote, I was all in. golden-tote-1Golden Tote offers a personalized monthly subscription tote bag. The things that make GT different from similar sites like Birch Box is that you are not committed to buying something every month and you actually have a say in what you buy.  Once you fill out your style profile, you can purchase items from either the boutique or by ordering a golden tote. For the smaller totes, you choose one item that you want, and then GT stylists pick out one or two other items that fit your style profile. For the larger totes, you choose two items that you like, and the stylists will surprise you with an extra 3-5 items that fit your style profile. They even include a card with suggestions on how to style your new items!

Once you receive your tote (or totes if you’re Holly Neal), you can try on the items. If you love them all, they’re yours! If you hate them all, you return them fairly easily. If you love some and hate the others, you can join a trading group on Facebook. The ladies on the page will post FSOT (GT lingo for “for sale or trade”), and you can either pay them what they ask via paypall, or you can see if they’d like to trade for the items that you were not so fond of. It’s so fun!

I tried GT for the first time this month with a small tote and loved both of my items. I chose the Slouchy Statement Pants and I was surprised with the Naked Zebra dress in teal. They both fit perfectly! I wore the pants when we visited Savannah, and I wore the dress to a fabulous wedding in Indiana. Both items were a hit, and I can’t wait to wear them again! golden-tote-2Golden Tote adds new clothes each month, and the first day you can buy a tote is the first Monday of each month. Check it out and let me know what goodies you find. :) Happy shopping!